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Doors Open Jazz’s mission is to empower children from our underserved communities through FREE music lessons and classes. Studies show when a child at a young age learns a musical instruments it boots their math IQ, memory, language skill, and confidence.

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By donating to Doors Open Jazz you are supporting the musical education and development of Chattanooga kids by providing free musical lessons.  

Learn more about our instructors.  They are professional musicians that have loads of experience and a heart for helping kids learn to play jazz.

Convinced? Enroll in a class today by following this link and filling out our enrollment form. We have classes for a variety of instruments.

What our music students are saying...

Mr. Williamson established the bedrock for my understanding for jazz trumpet that I still carry with me to this day. He introduced me to the concepts of transcribing solos and practicing scales to be able to effectively improvise. Through his teachings and mentorship, I was able to make 4th chair trumpet in the top band at the Tennessee All East Jazz clinic my freshman year, and 1st chair in the top band my sophomore year. Furthermore, I was able to do well at summer jazz camps thanks to Mr. Williamson’s teachings. During my audition for a Florida State jazz camp, the trumpet professor complimented my playing saying I must’ve had a great teacher. I appreciate Mr. Williamson’s teaching as it put me in the position to study with more teachers and to be accepted into more opportunities as I moved through the rest of my high school and college career; these opportunities include making first chair trumpet Tennessee All State Jazz my senior year, getting accepted into the Oberlin Conservatory and Frost School of Music, and being able to play with Ron Carter and study under Don Sickler when I attended Columbia University in NYC. I will forever be grateful for having Mr. Williamson as a teacher, as it changed my life for the better.
Edward Ellis Jr.
Former Student of Executive Director Antoine Williamson
I'm excited every week to get prepared for Thursday. It's fun to practice and I'm amazed I can play now. I get so excited every Sunday, which is when I practice the most.
Doors Open Jazz non profit student
Student of DOJ
DOJ Student
A great program that provides things for kids to do. It's a great place to keep kids off the street and likewise encourage them. I encourage you to donate and help this non profit grow!
Mother of DOJ student
Tawanda S.
I can't think of a better use of my charitable giving than being involved with Doors Open Jazz. The arts, specifically music, are often unattainable for pockets of people in the Chattanooga area. This non profit fixes that need.
Jeff Green
Volunteer and Donor



Doors Open Jazz Summer Workshop w/ Marcus White

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